5 US Veteran Benefits Not Known to Everyone

After serving their country, veterans are entitled to a number of benefits which may include educational help, disability pay, a home loan guarantee among other benefits. For veterans, it’s vital to know of these know and take advantage of these benefits so that they can help themselves and also be able to offer safety and comfort to their families. Let us look at some the benefits for which a veteran is eligible for.


Pension and Disability Pay

If a veteran gets injured or gets a certain disease while they are on duty, then he/she is entitled to disability compensation. The same compensation also applies to veterans who had a disease and the disease got worse while they were on service. Also, disability pay is entitled to veterans who got injuries or illnesses while still under veteran health care. Veterans who also face a medical discharge or are honorably discharged are entitled to disability compensation. Compensation varies with regard to family situation and degree of disability. Veterans with dependents, those who have a disabled spouse and those with loss of limbs or extreme disability are paid a bigger amount. The pension is determined according to years of service, pay grade before retirement and date of retirement.


Survivors Benefits


Children and spouses of veterans are eligible for a home loan guarantee, death pension, medical insurance and education assistance. This is to ensure that they live a good life even after the death of the veteran, who may be was the sole provider for the family.


Educational Benefits


To make sure that both dependents and veterans are well taken care of V.A program offers a complete package of education help which offers assistance to veterans and dependents.


Medical Benefits


Veterans enjoy various medical benefits such as outpatient services, preventive services, surgical and medical care, emergency services, chiropractic care, bereavement counseling, substance abuse counseling and mental health care. The medical package also offers over the counter medication, prescription medication as well as medical supplies.


Home Loan Package


Also, veterans have the benefit of a guaranteed loan program. Members of the National Guard, reservists, and veterans, spouses of veterans who passed on in active service and personnel in active duty qualify for this home loan program. This makes sure they have a good place to live even after their years of service.


These are some of the benefits supposed to be enjoyed by veterans.